General Meeting (February 2022)



  • Time: Friday, February 4th, 5:30-6:30pm.
  • Location: Online on Zoom.


  1. Director of Social Events, Mogtaba Alim.
  2. Student lounge re-opening and new volunteers.
  3. Club Collaborations: Web3 Panel with RCFTA, The Art of Business Panel with RCSA
  4. Academic Events: Tea Time with Profs, Panel with Professors, Research Seminar
  5. Industry Events: Fishbowl Interview Event, Technical Interview/Leetcode Workshop, Future of Tech Panels
  6. Social Events: Online Games Night, Online Get Together, Alumni Networking Event
  7. CSSU Student Survey 2022
  8. Constitional amendments regarding gender pronouns and making permanent the online election format for public health discretion.
Last modified: 4 February 2022