Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

  • Faculty of Arts & Science students enrolled in a Computer/Data Science program or course in the Department of Computer Science are automatically members, provided they have paid the ASSU student fees. This is defined in the our constitution.

Will events always be online?

  • Events this semester have most been online, and because DCS is not allowing room bookings, we can only have in-person events elsewhere on campus, or off-campus.

Are events recorded?

  • General the CSSU will try record events if appropriate and consenual. For example, a networking session would not be recorded, but a seminar might be.

How do I get involved with CS at the university? What about the CSSU?

  • We’ve curated a list of student groups on our community page. If you feel that you don’t have the level of preparation to join the clubs, reach out anyway! The organizers and your peers can be an invaluable resources. To get involved with the CSSU, you can attend events, volunteer for Office Operations, apply to join General Council, or run for Executive Council.

How can I find internship and work study opportunities?