The Computer Science Student Union (CSSU) represents over 4300 Computer Science students who are either taking a Computer Science course or are part of a Computer Science program at the University of Toronto St. George campus. We are a student-governed body that receives funding from the Arts & Science Students’ Union, the Department of Computer Science, and our union store. The description of the structure, rules, and processes of the CSSU are described in our constitution. The primary goal of the CSSU team is to improve the academic, social, and professional lives of computer science students. We pursue that goal via:

  • Social Activities: organizing social events to help students in making friends in their program and form networks of mutual support.
  • Professional Development: providing students with networking and professional skill development opportunities to facilitate success in their careers.
  • Academic Opportunities: presenting resources and opportunities to help students embed themselves in the world of academic computer science and share their work with their peers.
  • Undergrad and Department Liaison: empowering students in their studies and advocating for their interests at the departmental, faculty, and university levels.

You can visit us in room 2250 in the Bahen Centre for Information Technology or email us at executive@cssu.ca. See Office Hours.

Executive Council

Members of the Executive Council are elected by the student body to serve one-year terms. These student leaders are responsible for organizing the CSSU's events and initiatives to support undergraduate students.

Danny Chen
Danny Chen
Pratibha Thakur
Pratibha Thakur
Vice President
Jason Barahan
Jason Barahan
Charles Cheung
Charles Cheung
Interim Dir. Social Events
Aviraj Newatia
Aviraj Newatia
Dir. Academic Events
Zachary Muir
Dir. Internal Relations
Yanzhen Chen
Dir. External Relations

General Council

General Council members are volunteers appointed by the Executive Council to assist with our initiatives and be leaders in the community. We have yet to appoint the General Council for the 2024-25 academic year. Keep an eye out for updates to the application process.

Office Operations

The CSSU proudly maintains a student lounge in BA 2250 in which students can hang out, network, play games, ask questions, and study. Office Operations volunteers, or Office Ops, help manage the lounge, kitchenette, gaming centre, and study spaces. They also assist in answering questions and directing students to appropriate resources. Typically, Executive and General Council members also serve Office Ops shifts. See Office Hours.

Feedback Form

At the CSSU, we strive to foster an inclusive and welcoming community. As part of this effort, we greatly value the feedback of CSSU members. You can submit feedback to us about any aspect of our activities, past or present. The form is anonymous by default, but you may choose to include your name or contact email so we can follow up with you directly. All feedback is welcome!

You can take a look at suggestions that other people have made here.

Last modified: 16 June 2024