The Computer Science Student Union, or CSSU for short, represents over 1200 Computer Science students who are either taking a Computer Science course or are part of a Computer Science POSt at the University of Toronto St. George campus. We are a student governed body that recieves funding from the Arts and Sciences' Student Union, the Department of Computer Science, and our union store. The description of the structure, rules, and processes of the union are described in our constitution. It can be found here: https://cutt.ly/cssuconstitution

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Many generous individuals contribute time and effort to our student union including the leadership team, office operations personnel, and general volunteers. We'll shortly add our current team members to the site!

Jason Liu | President

Rupert Wu | Vice-President

Aditya | Treasurer

Ekagra Luthra | Director of Social Events

Rachel Kim | Director of Academic Events

Joanne Pan | Director of Internal Relations

Omri Daniel | Director of External Relations


We sell many food items in our in-lounge store. Anyone can come by during open hours and purchase a snack or beverage using cash or card (for purchases of $1 or more). Please be kind to the person assisting you with your purchase at the desk, they are a volunteer!

Store Hours
Store Items

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Affiliated Organizations
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Mission Statement

The primary goal for the CSSU 2019-2020 team is to improve the academic, social, and professional lives of computer science students. To do so, we intend to focus on the following:

Social Activities

We aim to provide students with opportunities to make friends in their program and form networks of mutual support.

Professional Development Opporunities

We aim to provide students networking and professional skill development opportunities students to facilitate success in their careers.

Academic Opportunities

We aim to provide students with adequate resources and opportunities to help them embed themselves in the world of academic computer science and share their work with their peers.

Undergrad and Department Liaison

We aim to provide students with information that is relevant to their studies and advocate for their interests at a departmental, faculty, and university level.

Feedback Form

At the CSSU, we strive to represent Computer Science students as best as possible, and to create an inclusive and welcoming community. As part of this effort, we are committed to listening to the feedback of CSSU members. Using this always-open form, you can submit feedback to us about any aspect of our activities, past or present. If you would like, you can provide your name or contact email so we can follow up with you directly. You may also remain anonymous. All feedback is welcome!

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