Volunteering in BA2250

The CSSU proudly maintains a student lounge in BA 2250 in which students can hang out, network, play games and ask questions. We have a snack store, gaming centre, study spaces and more! Office operations volunteers manage the lounge, assist in answering questions, and directing students to appropriate resources.

Thanks for volunteering! It will be a great opportunity to network and engage with your fellow students. First and foremost, please join our Discord server. The following is a guide on managing the lounge for volunteers.

Room Access

Since June 2021 and as of May 2022, the following access rules are in effective.

  • The three senior officers of the Executive Council (President, Vice-President, Treasurer) shall have weekday access (8am-9pm on Mondays-Fridays) to the lounge (BA2250) and storage room (BA2285).
  • All other volunteers, including the junior officers of the Executive Council, will shall have access to the lounge for the duration of their volunteering shifts.
  • Because room access is granted strictly on the hours, aim to arrive on-time (not UofT time/10min into the hour) so that we can keep the lounge open continuously. If the next volunteer does not arrive on-time and you need to leave (without leaving another volunteer in charge), please clear and lock the room.

Snack Store

The CSSU maintains a snack store, the proceeds of which are put back into the CSSU treasury in compliance with charity regulations.

  • Most items are kept on the snack shelf (the white one) and the drinks cooler.
  • Ice-cream sandwiches are stored in freezer in the kitchenette; only volunteers should be removing these for sale.
  • Volunteers are expected to make sales on Square. Log-in to the iPad, open the app, and tap on the items they’re selling.
  • Remember to apply discounts for eligible items like chips and ice-cream sandwiches.
  • Please do not accept card payments for sales totalling less than $1.00; encourage customers to pay in cash or buy multiple items.
  • If the snack shelf or cooler are running low on items, restock from the black cabinet.
  • We also have a free shelf (the grey one) with stationery, culinary, and sex supplies. Please ensure that students take things in moderation.


  • Books and loose dry-erase whiteboard markers are free for use in the lounge.
  • If a student wants to loan a book, ask them to deposit some form of ID (T-Card, driver’s licence, etc.).
  • Additional dry-erase markers are for sale ($1.50) on top of the cooler.

Gaming Systems

  • Students may use the gaming consoles and display systems.
  • Please be vigilant about the controllers and equipment; instances of theft have been reported in the past.


  • Students are free to use the microwave, kettle, and sink.
  • The refridgerator is open for use given that the users understand they only pick up their items when there’s a volunteer on duty.

Other Things

  • Try to answer student questions to the best of your ability; if you don’t know the answer, you can ask in the #office-ops channel or direct them elsewhere.
  • Other people such as caretaking staff, instructors, student family, are also welcome.
  • Let the Executive Council know if you need anything from the storage room.
  • Ensure that everyone is comfortable and observing the code of conduct.
  • If you can’t make your shift for any reason, just let us know in #office-ops on Discord.