[2024-03-13] Semi-Formal


Tickets are available now on eventbrite.

The 2024 CSSU Semi-Formal will take place from 7:30-11:30PM at Old Vic (Victoria College) on March 23rd. Please check out the FAQ for important questions.


Performing will be DJs Samm Du and D Rod.

Samm Du

Samm Du is a member of the UofT CS community, who also moonlights as a DJ. He specializes in House and Techno music, and performed across The Drake Hotel, classy cocktail bars, and the underground parties on Cherry Beach. He will be supplying electric grooves that mesmerize the dancefloor.

D Rod

D Rod is no stranger to parties, and knows how to rock a dancefloor. He has performed at nightclubs like Century and uni events at York. Expect a dynamic mix of party favourites from Hiphop to Pop, as he elevates the night to its peak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will beverages be provided?

Water, tea, and coffee will be included with your ticket. Other beverages will be available for purchase from the cash bar at the venue. Our beverage order is subject to change.

Will there be food?

Yes, snacks will be served from 8-10PM. We are also planning for dessert to be included. Our food order is subject to change.

I'm not a computer science student. Can I come?

The event is targeted towards computer science students at UofT, but other UofT students are welcome to attend. Recent alumni of computer science are also welcome. Others may attend with the explicit permission from the CSSU. If in doubt, please email cssu@cdf.toronto.edu.

I have a dietary restriction. Will there be accommodations for me?

Please indicate any restrictions that you have when purchasing the ticket. Unfortunately, we will need to lock in our catering order by 4PM, March 8th. If we are unaware of any dietary restrictions after this time, we may not be able to accommodate it.

Do I need to bring an ID?

If you would like to purchase alcoholic beverages from the cash bar, you must bring a photo ID. Accepted IDs include passports and federal/provincially issued IDs. If you cannot bring one of these, please email cssu@cdf.toronto.edu as soon as possible.

Does the cash bar accept cash?

Unfortunately, the cash bar ONLY accepts debit/credit cards. Sorry!

Will there be a coat check?

Yes, there will be a self-serve coat check in a separate room.

Join us at Semi-Formal March 23rd 7:30-11:30PM Last year's semi-formal

Additional information

  • Early-bird tickets were previously sold at $22 (excluding fees), all of which have since been sold out.
Last modified: 13 March 2024