CS Undergraduate Colloquium Series


  • When: Every other week on Fridays from 6-7pm in BA2230
  • Where: BA2230

We at the CSSU are happy to announce the Computer Science Undergraduate Colloquium! This is a student-led, student-driven speaker series where every other week on Fridays from 6-7pm in BA2230, we will host presentations led by students about an area of computer science. This could be about your own research, a paper you recently read, or a survey of the work in a field of computer science (or related fields!).

This is an incredible opportunity to gain experience in presentation skills, talk about the cool work you've done or read, and engage in productive discussion about what you're interested in! And all while also gaining an insight into a new area of computer science, and learning something new from your peers. What better way to gain exposure to everything this incredible field has to offer.

This colloquium series is something we are very excited about and will serve as a spiritual successor to that offered by the previous Computer Science Undergraduate Theory Society (CUTS).

Attendance requires no registration, just show up! If you'd like to present at one of the colloquium events, please register here.

The format of your presentation is up to you! Whether you would like to just talk, use a blackboard, or project a powerpoint - is all your choice. Just make sure to follow our guidelines!

Please keep in mind that each talk will be a maximum of 40 minutes, starting at 6:10pm on alternating Fridays, and will include at least 10 minutes for questions and answers and discussions at the end. This will start on the 5th of July! This colloquium series will run once every other week, and if there is enough interest, it will be promoted to a weekly event.

First colloquium will be on Friday, July 5th, 2024. We hope to see you there!

CSSU Colloquium
Last modified: 28 June 2024