The CSSU proudly maintains a student lounge in BA 2250 in which students can hang out, network, play games and ask questions. We have a snack store, gaming centre, study spaces and more! Office operations volunteers manage the lounge, assist in answering questions, and directing students to appropriate resources.

What we Have

  • Store stocked with common snacks for student purchase. We also have a free/loan shelf.
  • Kitchenette with fridge, sink, microwave, kettle, and basic utensils/tools.
  • Entertainment/gaming centre, with a variety of modern, arcade, retro, and party games.
  • Library shelf lined with books in topics such as mathematics, algorithms/data structures, programming, philosophy. Books can be loaned with a piece of UofT/government ID.


We sell many food items in our in-lounge store for your convenience. Anyone can come by during open hours and purchase a snack or beverage using debit/credit card (for purchases of $1 or more) or cash. Please be kind to the person assisting you with your purchase at the desk; they are a volunteer!

Schedule (Winter 2024)

Time/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
8:00 AM Mary Z. Avery N.
9:00 AM Aayush K. Virat T. Aayush K. Avery N.
10:00 AM Gerald W. (G) Alex A. Gerald W. (G) Alex A. Nicholas A.
11:00 AM Felix Z. (X) Cameron F. (X) Joseph Z. Felix Z. (X) Aditya G. (X)
12:00 PM Cameron F. (X) Joseph Z. Jaiz J. (G) Felix Z. (X) Aditya G. (X)
1:00 PM Mack Y. Charles C. Louis S. (X) Mary Z. Sam W.
2:00 PM Mouaid A. (X) Nathan H. Jaiz J. (G) Jamie Z. (X) Louis S. (X)
3:00 PM Mouaid A. (X) Nathan H. Justin Y. Jamie Z. (X) Shane W.
4:00 PM Elise C. (G) Sam W. Cindy C. Shane W. Shane W.
5:00 PM Elise C. (G) Pratibha T. (X) Cynthia S. (G) Jason B. Chong W. (G)
6:00 PM Justin Y. Pratibha T. (X) Cynthia S. (G) Jason B. Chong W. (G)
7:00 PM Alex A. Zach M. Xi Y. Danny C. Zach M.
8:00 PM Virat T. Zach M. Xi Y. Danny C. Zach M.

Library & Whiteboard

Over the years, we’ve collected many books from generous (or forgetful!) students, and we proudly maintain a new cozy home for them. We hope that our library shelf provides more accessibility to student learning and curiosity. Students can read in the study space, or loan a book out with a deposit of a piece of UofT/government ID. If you’d like to donate a book, please speak to the office manager on duty!

You can use the dry-erase markers/erasers at the whiteboard; to borrow one, please deposit of a piece of UofT/government ID.

Code of Conduct

  1. Be respectful and inclusive: no racism, sexism, ageism, elitism, homophobia, ableism, etc. (there are also guidelines in the UofT Student Code of Conduct)
  2. Do not remove any lounge property like games, books, dry-erase markers/erasers without Executive Council permission; in cases of emergency, please deposite a form of ID to the lounge volunteer.
  3. Clean the microwave and counter (and other kitchen utensils) after use.
  4. Do not leave controllers lying loosely; please put them back on the shelf or boxes.
  5. Report issues (spills, broken things, bad behaviour, lost belongings, etc.) to the office volunteer.
  6. Do not sleep in the lounge in any way that prevents normal use of the space. Do not take up more chairs than one, do not sleep in front of the whiteboard or the gaming centre.
  7. Respect the office volunteer on-duty and report any issues to the CSSU.

btw there’s a security camera in the room :)

If you’re a volunteer, see the guide.