Discussion with Professor Dickinson

The CSSU is hosting a discussion with Professor Sven Dickinson!

CSSU Teaching Awards

It's the end of the year, and time for the yearly CSSU Teaching Awards!

General Election (Spring 2022)

Interested in being a student leader? Run and make a difference!

CSSU Game night

We present the CSSU’s first games night of the winter semester!

CSSU Fishbowl Networking Workshop

We present the CSSU Fishbowl Networking Workshop! Practice, and perfect your networking skills.

The Art of Business: Tech Solutions

CSSU collaborates with RCSA

Tea Time With Profs (Winter 2022)

Keep in touch with your favourite professors!

FinTech Summit: Emerging Tech Panel

Come hear from experts about the new age of the internet!

General Meeting (February 2022)

Learn about our upcoming events as we transition to snowy days and exam season!

Exam Prep Sessions (Fall 2021)

Exam season is coming, and we're here to help!

General Meeting (November 2021)

Learn about our upcoming events as we transition to snowy days and exam season!

Job Hunting Series

Are you ready for intern season? We can help!

Tea Time With Profs (Fall 2021)

Get to know your CS profs!

General Meeting (October 2021)

Come discuss our plans and events for this semester and have your say!

Tuition Townhall

Hey CS community! The Faculty of Arts and Science is consulting students as part of the process to set next year's budget and tuition schedules. They want to hear from you about how tuition affects you, and how you'd like to see it change in the future. Join us at a townhall in October to share your experience!

Virtual Games Night

Sept 12 @ 6pm EST: Join us for a night of Jackbox, Kahoot, Among Us, Poker, Skribbl and more!

First Year Orientation

Orientation event for incoming first year computer science students.